Below are a lot of common questions we get asked, so we thought we would post them. We are adding new questions all the time so check back often.

Q: Iv never had a hard drive problem, why do I need a back up?

A: EVERY hard drive on earth will fail at some point. Hard drives are the most mechanical we have in our systems and are susceptible to failure without notice. ALWAYS have some form of back up, because in most instances your hard drive will not give you warning that is about to fail ( is some cases it will BUT most of the time it wont).

Q: What kind of back up solutions are there?

A: the 3 most common are, external hard drive, DVD and up and comming Blue RAY media and online back up like SOS, carbonite, ect.

Q: My computer is slow..whats wrong and how do i fix it?

A: computers are much like a car..you have to rotate the tires and change the oil. Proper maintence is imperative to a good running machine to make your time more effecinet.

Q: What is better a custom built computer or one from a box store?

A: This can be a long conversation, but in short, If your custom built machine is built properly with quality parts and optimization…custom is the way to go. Box store systems have lots of compromised parts and lots of Bloat ware, not the right antivirus and the list goes on. Custom built machine shouldbe lean rockin machines.

Q: What makes your custom computers better than the others?

A: A few things to consider when comparing our system  to the of the shelf stuff.
Off the shelf system ( dell, hp, Compaq etc), scotch on quality of parts and specs.
And many have lots of proprietary parts so when something does go wrong you have to get the parts from them ( always costly parts)
We build and buy the very best of quality of parts, the very best motherboards, hard drives, power supply’s, best RAM etc.
It not just about numbers as far as dollars, it’s about the quality of parts and proper set up.

Other thing to consider is the off the self stuff had LOTs of bloat ware, demo this and demo that (including MS office heavy antivirus etc.).
A bunch of junk software that has slowed your system down as soon as you get it home.
Iv seen off the self system with so much bloat ware that they wouldn’t even hardly run, and the customer had to bring it down to us to clean it up and it was 2 days old.

Ours…. We spend lots of time tweaking and optimizing the operating system, and only put what software you want in.
Also we run diagnostic on ever piece of hardware to insure all the part pass our specifications before leaving here, to insure a quality system before leaving the shop.
I’m a firm believer in a lean mean machine and the “kiss” principal (keep it simple)

The estimate price does including migrating the old data to new system, 1 year of antivirus and 1 hour of on site set up.
We deliver it and set up your printer, Internet, email etc.
So when we leave your up and running, you don’t have to spend another day getting it all set up, we do it all for you.
Custom built machines are infact more money, and it is upfront, but what you get out of quality, upgradeable, local tech support, data transfer, quality antivirus, on site set up… etc. really outweighs the difference in cost.

Question reguarding NOD 32 antivirus.

Q: How do I upgrade from a demo version to a full version?

A: First you must fisrt purchase a full license (either through us or eset), once done, you will receive an email with a user name and password.

Then follow these VERY easy instructions. CLICK HERE


Q: why does Doctor PC recommend NOD 32 antivirus?

A: Nod 32 antivirus is hands down the best protection out there for 4 year running. here is why…

1 VERY light on resources (meaning it won’t slow your computer down after install)

2 Quick and easy scan times.

3 Nod 32 has been winning awards for catching viruses. view here

4 Easy to use interface. But has great advanced features if needed.

5 Updates its virus definitions multiple times a day.





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