Sensitive Data

Don't let your private information fall into the wrong hands

Whether you’re looking to remove private documents or personal images and video, our service is available to you.

Not to be confused with our “Basic Cleanup“, our sensitive data removal and PC cleanup offers discreet and thorough removal of sensitive data.

Don’t let embarrassing, awkward or inappropriate or secret files fall into the wrong hands!

It is important to know that should you and your computer ever part ways and you have any sensitive data on the drive, it can, and most usually, will be accessed. That’s why we offer our sensitive data option as an additional service to basic cleanup.

Whether you’re looking to remove personal documents or images, our services is available to you by appointment only.



If you would like to talk to us about adult content removal from your PC in complete confidence and privacy, please verify your age and let us help you out.

Express, discreet and thorough

  • Getting rid of porn off of my computer
  • Clear private data from history
  • Clear web browsing activity and history
  • Clean hard drive

We’ll assess and give you your options

  • Worst case, reformat drive
  • Best, worst case, replace hard drive
  • Destroy previous drive and recycle

Doing nothing is not an option

Those unwanted or embarrassing pics could land you a whole load of trouble with a wife or partner happened across. Awkward, disturbing or questionable? Images, video and other content can reside in “crevices” of your PC that you are unaware of.

Should they ever wish to sell, donate, or give away the computer or even just have it have it professionally repaired. Sensitive data is an important issues to address.

Even most hard disk cleaning software utilities don’t necessarily protect you entirely. Moreover, you (or someone else) does not even have to “save” anything to disk for it to be there as web browsers cache everything from web sites that are visited. Content, video, page elements and images can be impossible to locate.