Wired and Wireless Networking

From home networking to small business, everyone needs to connect multiple computers, phones, and game consoles securely. There are many advantages to a network (i.e. sharing files and folder, printers, Internet etc.).

We can help clear the cloud of terms like, modems, routers, switches, cat 5/ethernet cable and different kinds of wireless security and which is right for you.

Contact us and inquire about networking your computers, so we can save you time and money.

Wireless definitely has its place, but it is not for everyone and every situation. There are lots of thing to consider if you want to step into the realm of the wireless world—type of building, how far your wireless needs to go, how much data will be passing through your wireless connection, and most of all security. When you enter the wireless world, there is a whole new set of security issues that need to be addressed. We can help educate and and implement all of these issues, give us a call.

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